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Over the past decade, the domain trade has grown into a multi-million-dollar industry. With over 300 million domain names now registered globally across more than 800 Top Level Domains (TLDs), it’s easy to see why.

In the same way that ‘bricks and mortar’ stores will choose the best location to maximize footfall, the optimum digital location or domain name is crucial for both businesses and individuals. 

Cybersquatting costs trademark holders $1 million+ per brand, per year.

Our relationships across the market enable us to quickly identify relevant parties and expedite negotiations, reducing the time it takes to acquire domain names

In 2015, there were over 25,000 disputes where domain names associated with a brand’s trademarks were acquired by a third party and used to conduct illegal practices or activity that harmed the brand’s reputation. 


NetNames has a team of specialists who provide Domain Brokerage & Dispute services. We ensure our customers can simply and cost-effectively secure key domains, and monetize those they no longer need.

With more than a decade’s experience, and established relationships with all of the major global domain traders, registries, registrars and secondary domain market companies, we are uniquely placed to provide a portfolio of services to our customers.

With so many new domains registered each month, it’s a constant challenge for brands and businesses to ensure they have the domain names they require. Desirability drives up domain prices, so we work anonymously to negotiate a domain purchase without adversely affecting the asking price.

Although many companies approach us to obtain domains, very few are able to determine whether the domain is available, the asking price or whether there are sufficient grounds to pursue a domain dispute.Our Domain Pre-Study will anonymously determine the availability and price of a desired domain, and, if appropriate, investigate whether there are any legal grounds to recover the domain via a dispute filing.


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NetNames use their technology platforms, expert analysts and extensive knowledge of our business to flag infringements and counterfeits and assist in getting them removed

John Brailey
Global Trade Mark Counsel at Unilever

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