Domain Pre-study

Obtaining a domain name from a third party

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A Domain Pre-Study is essential for determining the most cost effective means of obtaining a domain name from a third party.

Both the value of a domain name and the interpretation of digital rights in relation to a domain name can only truly be assessed based on the individual circumstances. With so many varying elements affecting those circumstances, it is critical that we fully understand and research a situation before taking any action on behalf of our customers.

NetNames operates the largest buy-side (brokering on behalf of corporate customers) domain brokerage in the world

We are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to secure their most important digital assets

NetNames partners with one of the world’s most respected domain law firms to deliver our domain dispute service

We are one of the few brokerage teams that have experience of securing domains across every continent

Depending on complexity, a Domain Pre-Study can take from 24 hours to four weeks to complete, with the timing based primarily on the ability to identify and engage with the domain name registrant.

During the Pre-Study process, NetNames will determine the key pieces of information that will enable us to provide a clear recommendation to a customer as to how best to proceed as well as what the likely costs would be for the course of action.

Based on the information we have gathered, NetNames’ Brokerage team would be able to provide a clear recommendation on whether the domain is obtainable, how best to obtain it and what the likely associated costs would be to do so. In every case it is our objective to ensure that domains are secured in the most effective and professional manner.


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NetNames use their technology platforms, expert analysts and extensive knowledge of our business to flag infringements and counterfeits and assist in getting them removed

John Brailey
Global Trade Mark Counsel at Unilever

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