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With over 600 open new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) due to be launched by the end of 2017, ICANN, the body responsible for naming policy on the Internet, has implemented a Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). This body acts as a single database of authenticated registered trademarks to help protect brands and their IP rights. Registered brand owners have a one-stop solution that will help them safeguard their rights and enable participation during the multiple pre-registration launch periods in the new gTLD program.

Any trademark holder, private person, or company can submit their trademark to the Clearinghouse. 

After verification, the trademark holder will be able to register their domain name(s) during the pre-registration period of multiple TLDs – also known as the ‘sunrise period’.

Trademark holders can also be notified when someone registers a domain name that matches their record in the TMCH. 

TMCH will accept, authenticate and verify any registered trademarks, marks protected by statute, treaty, or court validated marks, as well as any other marks that constitute IP rights in accordance with the registries’ policies.

Our TMCH extended monitoring service is the most robust solution on the market today. We work closely with both the TMCH and ICANN to ensure the implementation and operation represents value and meets IP rights holders’ needs.

Recording trademarks in the TMCH is both quick and easy; we will pre-verify your trademark for you. Regardless of your new gTLD registration strategy, we will put you in control, notifying you of all possible infringements through a weekly report that will enable you to identify potential threats to your business and brands. There are no hidden costs associated with our trademark verification and extended monitoring reporting. The renewable service guarantees participation in the phased gTLD launches and provides claims notification services.


Request a new gTLD audit

NetNames use their technology platforms, expert analysts and extensive knowledge of our business to flag infringements and counterfeits and assist in getting them removed

John Brailey
Global Trade Mark Counsel at Unilever

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