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With skyrocketing consumer demand for luxury goods at the cheapest prices, fakes are flooding auction sites and rogue websites. While the harm done to revenues is significant, this is not simply a financial problem; counterfeiting can damage a brand’s reputation to such an extent that it loses its luxury status entirely.

Listings offering counterfeit goods on marketplaces such as eBay, Alibaba and Amazon present a clear challenge to brand owners, and can result in loss of revenue, reputational damage and brand dilution. Worse still, these sites are often registered using false WHOIS details and in challenging territories.

Fake profiles on social media sites and unauthorized mobile apps steal your customers and sell them counterfeit goods, resulting in reputational damage and loss of revenue.

At NetNames, we help clients find, prioritize and counter all types of online infringements, stemming the loss of revenue and the negative impact it can have on your brand’s reputation.

70% of luxury brand owners consider loss of revenue from counterfeit goods to be the biggest challenge facing them on the Internet today

Almost one-third of paid search adverts for designer handbags lead to fraudulent sellers

The economic loss due to counterfeit Swiss watches is estimated to be 4% of annual sales

Counterfeit designer clothing was the most common article detained by EU Customs for infringing intellectual property rights in 2013, making up 12% of all seizures

Cybersquatting costs trademark holders more than $1 million per brand, every year

NetNames work with us as a strategic partner, managing our entire domain portfolio through our extraordinary growth of the past two years.


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