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The technology industry’s complex supply chains and reliance on manufacturing in the Far East make the sector extremely vulnerable to counterfeiters and grey-market profiteers. Counterfeit technology does not just endanger revenues and reputations, it also endangers customers – with instances of everything from exploding laptop batteries to substandard aircraft parts on the rise.

Counterfeit products and components are also a particular challenge for the telecoms industry, given surging global demand.

And reputations and revenues in the media industry are suffering severely too. Bootleg CDs and DVDs remain commonplace, but their impact pales in comparison with that of online piracy. Digital content can be shared rapidly, for free, across a wide range of ecosystems, from peer-to-peer file-sharing to content-streaming websites – creating the perception that such content is valueless, as well as potentially infecting consumers and businesses with dangerous malware. Content owners face a real challenge: how to serve the best content, in the best way, to their customers whilst piracy continues to erode revenues.

Counterfeit electronic chips and semiconductors cause losses of up to $169 billion a year to the electronics industry

Electronics manufacturers see counterfeits as affecting product reliability (84%), brand reputation (71%), and customer satisfaction (62%)

Counterfeiting is a $6 billion+ problem for the telecoms industry, and 8% (148m) of all mobile devices sold worldwide in 2013 were substandard or counterfeits

Counterfeit mobile phones can contain 35 to 40 times the accepted limit for hazardous substances such as lead

The global cost of digitally pirated music, films and software is $80 billion per year

A third of pirated movie sites spread malicious software, based on a report in 2015

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