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The Internet provides unparalleled global opportunities for brand and trademark owners. The ‘shop window’ is now firmly established as part of most corporate strategies and is indelibly ingrained in consumer buying habits. However, the Internet also provides significant challenges and risks.

Marketplace sites, mobile apps, social media and independent websites are all used to sell fake goods. There’s a clear need for brand owners to act against infringements to protect their revenues, customers and reputation.

96% of companies say that guarding their online assets is now essential for the success of their brand. 

Each year, NetNames removes hundreds of thousands of online marketplace listings selling counterfeit goods worth an estimated £1 billion. 

Cyber-crime and fraud is now at its highest ever level.

PwC says that more than half of the UK consumers it surveyed had bought fake products.

To combat increasingly sophisticated cyber-crime, we have developed industry-leading brand enforcement & protection capabilities.

With one in six products sold online being counterfeit, we deliver timely, prioritized, accurate and cost-effective takedown actions against all types of online brand infringements.

Our brand enforcement services cover the full spectrum of enforcement options to ensure our clients have the online advantage. We provide the most tailored, flexible and responsive enforcement service in the market. Our mixture of proactive and responsive measures consistently delivers the highest levels of successful enforcement. We have an over 90% compliance rate in both domain suspensions and online marketplace delisting.

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We are extremely happy with the services NetNames provides and highly recommend them to anyone looking to build and protect their brand online

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