Evidential Purchasing

Helping brands confirm the distribution of counterfeit goods online

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Low operating costs, uninhibited access to a global customer base and high levels of anonymity make online channels the perfect ‘shop window’ for the sale of counterfeit goods. This doesn’t just include fake luxury items, but also fashion accessories, toys, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even car parts.

Effective online anti-counterfeiting technology and strategies must be put in place to preserve customer confidence and brand equity – and to safeguard sales and revenues.

It is estimated that one in six products bought and sold online is counterfeit.

Counterfeit trade is worth $1.3 trillion each year, according to BASCAP (Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy).

Our evidential purchasing services include market-leading monitoring technology, specialized anti-counterfeit analysis and enforcement teams that enable us to rapidly detect and enforce against infringements across all online channels.

We purchase goods from suspected counterfeit online platforms so we can gather evidence for any planned litigation against individuals or companies, and for brand owners to make a firm connection between the online and physical worlds. Our multilingual experts identify targets that are of special interest to our clients and recommend them for evidential purchase actions based on agreed criteria.

Our anti-counterfeit enforcement capability is the most comprehensive and competitive in the brand protection market.

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