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Online marketplace sites allow consumers and manufacturers to buy and sell any type of product on a global basis. Sellers based in China can connect with US buyers, while Mexican manufacturers can market their products to EU consumers with very little regulation and few restrictions, creating markets where buyers and sellers set the optimal price.

Unfortunately, cyber-criminals have recognized the same opportunity and are taking advantage of the easy advertising and low-cost distribution that these marketplaces provide. They’re using marketplace sites to steal your customers and revenue, distribute counterfeit goods and damage your brand’s reputation.

An online marketplace monitoring solution is vital for managing the exposure of your brand in the ever-expanding global online marketplace. It will detect and enforce against unauthorized listings that use your brand(s) and trademark(s) to sell counterfeit and pirated products to your customers.

Up to 80% of listings on some marketplace sites are for counterfeit goods

Taobao, part of the Alibaba Group, is the ninth most visited site in the world

The Alibaba Group claims to have removed more than 90 million listings that infringe rights owners’ trademarks

One in six products bought online is fake, with many of these sold through marketplaces

We understand that the sheer volume of listings on marketplace sites is a real challenge for brand owners. Sites such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Allegro all have different rules, are based in different jurisdictions, and have different methods for IP rights owners to submit and process requests.

Working together with the brand owners, NetNames recognizes that e-commerce and the use of marketplace sites can be an integral part of a business strategy, and central to enabling organizations to maximize revenue from online channels. It is more important than ever to put a robust program in place to protect that online route to market.

Combining our proven online brand protection expertise, proprietary technology, and best-in-class data sources, NetNames offers the most powerful marketplace monitoring and enforcement solution available. We empower brands to proactively find and mitigate the most important threats on a global basis. We also have excellent relationships with all the major marketplaces, enabling brand owners to quickly address the spread of unauthorized listings.

Using specific criteria agreed with you, we monitor for trademark and IP infringements, in addition to finding listings or content being used to proliferate the sale of counterfeit, pirated or fraudulent goods. We then engage with the major marketplace sites using our team of highly trained, multilingual enforcement analysts to quickly resolve these infringements.

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