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Social media provides an unrivalled opportunity for organizations to engage with current and future customers in a fast-moving and innovative environment. Unfortunately, online criminals have recognized the same opportunity, and are taking advantage of brands’ attributes and trademarks in order to steal revenue, distribute counterfeit goods and damage reputations.

Brand owners face an increasingly difficult challenge in managing the exposure of their brands on social media platforms. As with domain name registrations, many social media sites use a ‘first come, first served’ registration policy. This means that anyone can register any profile and use it to serve content to consumers. A social media monitoring solution is necessary to detect and enforce against rogue profiles, trademark and copyright infringements, and the distribution of counterfeit goods.

Unauthorized pages:

employees or third parties will incorporate your trademarks into their social media content, resulting in traffic diversion, brand dilution and trademark infringement.

Counterfeit and digital piracy:

social media networks are used to distribute links to counterfeit products on marketplace and independent sites, and to content facilitating digital piracy.

Fake social media channels:

copycat social media pages can use your company name and logo to steal personal information from unsuspecting consumers and lend greater credibility to fraudulent activity.

Reputation management:

social media profiles and content are used to raise awareness of protest or boycott activity, and can provide an immediate and extensive outlet for negative sentiment.

NetNames understands social media is an integral part of a business strategy and how it enables organizations to maximize revenue from online channels. We also understand that, in order for you to achieve your corporate goals, it’s important to protect your brand and the investment you’re making online.

Combining our proven online brand protection expertise with our proprietary technology and best-of-breed, third-party data sources, we offer the most powerful social media monitoring and enforcement solution available today. This empowers organizations to proactively find and mitigate the threats to their brand on social media sites.

Using specific criteria agreed with you, we monitor for trademark and intellectual property infringements, as well as profiles and content that are being used to proliferate counterfeit or fraudulent goods. We then engage with social media platforms to provide enforcement against these infringements globally.

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NetNames use their technology platforms, expert analysts and extensive knowledge of our business to flag infringements and counterfeits and assist in getting them removed

John Brailey
Global Trade Mark Counsel at Unilever

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