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Brand owners invest heavily in R&D, marketing and sales to build and promote their brands on a global basis. It’s therefore imperative that proactive and effective trademark and intellectual property protection strategies are put in place to preserve customer confidence and brand equity, and to safeguard sales and revenues. This is something that NetNames has been helping thousands of leading brands with since 1999.

Targeted trademark protection and IP monitoring, using NetNames’ proprietary Discovery Engine software to find targeted infringements from the broadest set of data.

Results delivered via a comprehensive online portal

Customized reporting options to maximize ROI visibility.

Market-leading monitoring and enforcement technology, combined with a specialized trademark and IP analysis and enforcement team, enables our clients to rapidly detect and enforce against the unauthorized use of brands across all online channels. Our enforcement services are the most comprehensive and competitive in the market, and help thousands of companies be present, protected and prosperous on the Internet.

In addition to our market-leading monitoring and enforcement services, we offer comprehensive analysis and consultancy services provided by our in-house team of multilingual analysts located around the world. Using this unique combination of human and artificial intelligence, we deliver tailored brand protection programs to ambitious global brands from a diverse range of industries.

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Brands are valuable strategic assets and a source of competitive advantage.

Worldwide Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)

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